Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Such a slacker

So I make a goal to help myself remember to write something at least once a week to keep up with my blog and what do I do??? I forget and spend 2 weeks off of it. I am loving the coming of summer. It seems to be going pretty fast though and I don't want it to go away cuz next thing I know, it will be dreary winter again. NOOO! So I chose a new background to help me think about HAWAII! I am so excited to go to Hawaii. Only another month and a half. Speaking of...who wants to take care of my dogs and cat while we are gone? I will pay $50! haha! (No seriously). Tomorrow my baby girl, the youngest of my 2 kids, is turning 7 years old. She is such a big girl now and it makes me wonder where the time went. Am I old enough to have kids this old? I didn't think I was. Sometimes, I still think (and act haha) like I am still 18. So sad.
The photography business is starting up ok, a little slow, but what can you expect. We just need to get our name out there. Sometimes I get really jealous of marty cuz he is learning how to do all the cool things on photoshop and I am still in the beginning learnings of it. He just understands it better. I want it to go well. i love taking pictures and helping others create those memories that they are going to love forever. I have always loved cameras, being in front of the cameras and taking pictures. Maybe thats what I have always been meant to be career wise. I hope so. It is fun. It also gets me out of my shell a little cuz I am forced to talk to other people when normally I wouldn't cuz I just am more comfortable being with myself. When I get to know people though, watch out! haha! Anyway, just wanted to update. Sorry no recipe today. I will post one....(giving myself a new goal)...........on Friday. Spread the word about Gubler Photography! And to keep you curious, I will post a new pic that me and marty have done of our friends new baby. Here it is: