Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm not dead! Yay! haha. Sorry it's been so long. Not that i have a ton to talk about since it's always the same old thing but I wanted to at least write something so someone knew I was still alive. I got a new niece last week and she is adorable. She was born to martys brother Nick and sister in law Angala. This is their second child. It was nice seeing the new baby. Her name is Marian. I will be taking some pics of her later and will post them when i do.
Lately I have been feeling so inadequate with pretty much everything. I suck at my photography, I suck at being a friend, I suck at being a human being pretty much. I have been trying so hard to get our name out there so we get hired for more photography jobs, but no matter how much I beg for people to "Like" us on facebook they just won't. And then when family needs a photo shoot done they don't ask us, they pay a bunch of money to have someone else do them. Thats such a slap in the face. You know we are struggling to get more experience and to get more known, and yet they still support us by having us do their pictures. It sucks! I shouldn't complain though. We have had great support from quite a lot of people but it seems to just stall. I am reading so many books to teach me more about it so I can be better at it, but all that knowledge doesn't do me any good if we still can't get work. It's hard in Utah cuz everyone and their dog is a photographer but still, I just want to do what I love. ok, enough complaining. Sorry.
I have been trying to get healthier lately and it really has been some hard work. I think my metabolism decided to retire the day i turned 29. Cuz ever since then i have not been able to lose weight. I have drastically changed my diet and workout a lot, and it's still staying stubborn. Stupid body. haha! Ok well my fingers hurt from writing so I will go for a second.